A bit about us…

Our passion for healthy living, a love of super fresh food, being outdoors in nature, homesteading and an interest in regenerative farming practices were what drove us to leave the city and move to Taylors Arm to live more self-sufficiently and to start a small scale market garden to support our lifestyle. We knew nothing of a rural existence but what we have experienced has been life changing. Farming, and the community we live, in are now central to our lives. We love to grow and love to bring produce to market that we are proud of.

A bit about our farming practices…

At Dolly’s Run our aim is to ensure excellent soil health to maximise plant nutrition and in turn produce nutrient dense food. Our aim is to create a thriving and sustainable microbial activity in the soil itself.  

We are Certified Organic and only use Certified Organic (ACO) registered farm inputs for fertilising such as Boron Essentials™ an Organic Liquid Boron Fertiliser, Nutri-Kelp™, an organic seaweed fertiliser and Organic Xtra, a blend of composted manure, blood and bone, fish meal and seaweed.

We follow a strict rotation plan, sow plants far enough apart and keep the beds weed free which helps to reduce insect damage and competition for nutrients.